Valmas Construction Office specializes in the preparation of architectural and topographic design, topographic plans, energy inspections, property legalization, issuing of building permits, etc. as well as in investment placement planning.

Our company has highly trained and experienced staff with years of experience in the field.

We work together not only on the advisory, but also on a technical level aiming to provide direct and complete services.

Our office undertakes the preparation of any environmental study for your licensing by any bureau.

We offer a complete and reliable technical solution for civil engineering and we cover special requested services such as property legalization, energy inspections, building permits, topographic plans etc.

In Valmas SA, we operate with flexibility in surveying and designing to create a residential environment tailored to the specific requirements of the owners, strictly following timetables, budgets and safety procedures. We are in a position to propose the constructional and functional design and materials, creating realistic images of the final result with the most modern systems and photorealism techniques.