The long experience of VALMAS SA and its successful presence in the production and sales of concrete products has made it synonymous to consistency and quality. Our primary concern is to provide top quality products and services, focusing on the people, society and the environment.

Our privately-owned facilities have the necessary mechanical equipment to meet the needs of any technical project. At the same time, our specialized staff and the strict quality control procedures we implement ensure the high level of our products and services.

The company's long-term course includes investment activities that have put the company in a distinguished position within the industry. Valmas Concrete was created by the need to offer high quality materials for your every project. Concrete is one of the most basic and essential materials for the perfect construction ensuring durability and functionality over time. That's why no "discounts" are allowed on its quality and specifications. Today, we are proud of Valmas Concrete having one of the most modern concrete production units with state-of-the-art machinery, qualified personnel, electronic automation, continuous laboratory testing and quality assurance at every step of the manufacturing process. This is why we are the first to put our trust on the concrete we produce. Your dreams, your desires and your demands are the inspiration of our own philosophy; our willingness to offer high quality, durable concrete. Valmas Concrete creates every successful project to embrace your loved ones in secure, concrete foundations.