The construction company VALMAS SA is involved in the design and construction of buildings and other construction related services.

Our company undertakes the building of homes, residential and industrial complexes, hotels, exhibition pavilions, department stores and various other constructions, setting as our main goal top quality, fiscal value, safety and of course high aesthetics.

We can intervene at any stage of the construction of the project. We carry out small-scale works, renovations, reconstructions and static repairs.

Knowledge of the construction sector, both on construction methods and the required building materials, combined with our experience are our basic standards.

Contributing to the creation of a residential system that respects the environment, serving at the same time the functional and aesthetic needs of each owner, offering security and safety, is the main objective of VALMAS SA. This certainty is based on both the company's consistency in schedules and budgets, as well as on the quality of the construction proposals it implements, focusing on understanding of the requirements of each client individually. 

The executive team of VALMAS SA carefully and flexibly designs step by step the entire manufacturing procedure and oversees the execution of the work of the specialized crew up to completion, building with quality the dreams of the people who entrust them. In this way, VALMAS SA aspires to offer more beautiful, safe, quality and aesthetically complete residences, always striving to become better.