VALMAS SA imports top quality products and materials that meet the requirements of modern construction. The goal of our company is to provide material and technical know-how for reliable solutions in the field of construction, renovation and repair. Raw materials of high-quality for every particular need, which also remain environmentally sensitive. Investing continually in enhancing our infrastructure and with a steadily growing track record over the years, we are in a position to meet your every need. We will be glad to welcome you to our 500m² exhibition to choose from a range of quality materials the ones that best match your own requirements.


Quality and great variety in paneling materials for classic and traditional applications of modern residential aesthetics.

FLOORING: With knowledge and experience in construction, we are able to propose solutions that combine the available budget with the specific demands for functionality and aesthetics. Wooden floors, ceramic tiles, marble, stone, as well as construction flooring, such as colored or special cement mortars, offer classic or traditional choices, following the original and modern residential aesthetic result.

COLORS: Based on the excellent preparation on the surfaces of the constructions, our company proposes a color chart for each project and proceeds to the "painting system", using branded series of building paints, after constantly testing their durability for years in the demanding climate conditions of Andros Island.


Valmas SA, having researched during its long experience the area of wooden window frames, has associated with the best Greek and European companies, thus offering high product quality assured by the consistent and continuous implementation of quality management systems at all stages of production and disposal as defined by ISO 9001. The construction techniques of the wooden frames we design and install provide excellent resistance to extreme weather conditions and ensure complete safety, thermal insulation and sound-proof application combining excellent quality with an affordable price and are particularly competitive thanks to the advantages presented such as:

· A wide range of wood, including Oak, Niangon, Swedish, Iroko etc.

· Top quality, moisture and dryness resistant wood, with 10-year warranty.

· The Maico hardware used is mineral-coated to reduce mechanical damage with 10-year warranty against corrosion.

· The frames, after their construction, are treated with fungicides, insecticides and preservatives in thermal chambers and then sealed with varnish or lacquer paint, according to the customer's desires.

· They are painted with water-soluble, non-toxic and non-flammable, environmentally friendly colors with a 6-year warranty. 


WARDROBE: A particularly useful element with timeless practical value and functionality to a home. Nowadays the wardrobe is upgraded because it essentially contributes to the room’s aesthetic. With the accumulated knowledge of a system dealing with smart spaces, we can give a wardrobe aesthetic quality and functionality to every home’s interior.


Flexibility in design for ergonomics, functionality and high aesthetics in the most vital area of a home.

Modern technology offers highly sophisticated solutions for enjoyable daily life in the most vital living space of the home. Valmas SA, with years of experience, knowledge and taste in the selection and manufacture of high-quality kitchen furniture, can propose the right solution for you. A solution that combines both your budget and functional and ergonomic requirements as well as the aesthetic point of view. Italian and Greek kitchens come in a wide variety of models, colors and designs. The wide range of materials (various types of wood, aluminum, melamine, lacquer, inox, glass, etc.) also offer the flexibility to create a wide range of classic, traditional or modern designs. The quality we choose guarantees the creation of a space that will touch perfection providing smooth operation and daily enjoyment.


A place of authentic aesthetics, for wellness and durability throughout the day, with the most ideal value for money.

To construct a bathroom, we need to take various parameters into consideration. The specialized manufacturing experience of our company's personnel in this field comes to give directions that ensure unique quality, functionality and ergonomics, as well as authentic aesthetic pleasure in the daily life of the user. With a full range of products from acclaimed international companies, we offer value-for-money sanitary appliances (washbasins, bathtubs, tiles) and accessories ready to be delivered. At the same time, we are able to offer specialized solutions for individual cases, as well as special constructions for particular aesthetic requirements, creating a dream space for the consumer with less or more luxury features that meet his aesthetic and functional needs, filling with strength and positive energy his daily life.


Privacy, safety and energy savings in swimming pools that blend harmoniously with the surrounding landscape.

Given the evolution of technology regarding this type of product, which once was considered to be a luxury, today, the cost of building a swimming pool is considered affordable and preferred by the majority of customers. Our specialized partners design, construct and equip the pool of your choice, as well as the surrounding areas, with special anti-slip materials tailored to the architectural style of the construction. The ultimate result, in an ideal quality and cost balance, ensures privacy, security, economy and complete harmonization of construction in the surrounding landscape.

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